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What People Are Saying

I can’t say enough good things about you & the services you provide. Because you are so empathetic, you’ve been able to truly help bring my inner thoughts and emotions to the surface, allowing me to work through them all the while supporting me and how I’m feeling! Through the few oracle readings we’ve done, you’ve helped me in so many ways - whether it be in my personal chronic illness journey, or by helping to strengthen my relationship by bringing forward trauma from previous relationships that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. Even though your readings have been so accurate , my absolute favourite part of this all is that you don’t stop with just those. By providing music to listen to, meditations to follow, resources to look into, and by following up human to human, I have never once felt alone in this amazing journey you’ve started me on.

- BreLynn B

Working with Erin has been such a life changing experience for me. She genuinely has helped me work through so much stuff that has come up on my spiritual journey. It’s awesome to have someone who can help you understand and work through what it is your are feeling or experiencing, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Going through change and healing isn’t easy and having that outside perspective and guidance  brings so much more insight and clarity and helps set you in the right direction. Erin always holds space for my emotions and helps me understand and process them.


She has also provided awesome tools and strategies to help me in my business, scheduling, productivity and environment. It’s helped me a lot with setting work/personal boundaries, self care, preventing burnout and just being more effective with my time! I feel like I can conquer my day with confidence, get my tasks done and still have time for myself. I cannot thank her enough for all that she’s done for me and I would definitely recommend her to everyone!

- Sabrina M

I'm trying to decide where to even begin. Erin is not only an incredible friend of mine, but she is so in tune with my energy, it never ceases to amaze me. I am very particular about who I allow to read and appreciate my energy and I did not even hesitate for a second when she let me know she would be happy to do an oracle reading for me. I cried. A lot. Great tears though. I realized my dreams, my fears and my personal obstacles all within such a short period of time because of her. I had a full-blown physical reaction to my reading and it took me a bit of time to process but it was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. 


I actually just reached out to Erin again recently asking for another reading because it was such a transformative experience, all for the best. Shortly after my reading, I felt so much clarity, I was blessed with abundance in all areas of my life (health, love, money etc.) and I was so confident to continue moving with love and light. I cannot recommend someone more than this angel.

- Sam M

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