Intuitive Oracle Readings


There is a field of consciousness outside of ourselves that holds wisdom & information that is available to us. An oracle reading is one of many ways to receive messages based on your current energy state. As a highly intuitive person, I am able to easily receive these messages through an oracle deck to help guide you on your journey. This is a very insightful experience that can leave you feeling guided and aligned on your journey.


Have you ever had a moment in your life where you had no freaking idea what to do? We all have! Wouldn't it be super to have a sign leading you to the best path? Oracle readings provide you with a chance to connect to your Higher Self and Guides in a way you may not normally be able to. You can ask questions during your session and receive some answers. When you leave your reading you will feel more connected with your intuition and you will have a clearer vision for yourself.


"I will be told something negative or scary" - No Oracle or Tarot Reader should ever tell you events that will happen in the future, good or bad. These readings are based on your current energetic state, which is ever changing. In your reading we will be focused on the future in a positive manner looking forward to alignment and well-being.


Oracle readings have become more trendy over the last year. Please use your intuition and read reviews/testimonials before you work with anyone. Ultimately you will have a good feeling when you find the person you want to work with. If that is me, I'm excited to meet with you!

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These are in depth sessions offered in 30, 45 & 1 hour intervals. You will be able to focus in on an area of your life and ask questions throughout your session. Each session includes a follow up email with important details from your reading and recommended exercises to help you dig deeper into your self-improvement journey or relaxation between visits. Please choose the appointment booking that best suits your needs.